The future of interpreter badging is here, now:  New mobile app Virtual Badge leverages smartphones to provide identity management and data collection services for interpreter services throughout the UK.

London, United Kingdom, 30th May 17

The CEO of the Association of Certified Interpreters (ACCI) and the creators of the Virtual Badge app have partnered to deliver a new and compelling mobile solution for managing interpreter identities and documentation.  Virtual Badge enables organizations to provide validated IDs for their interpreters and record all related job documentation in an app.

“With Virtual Badge, you get an audit and accountability log for each interpreter’s jobs”, explained Pawel Janicki, the CEO of the ACCI.  “The app introduces a powerful security and documentation component to interpreter services and is the perfect solution to any organization that has trouble with managing documentation and customer disputes.”

Virtual Badge is extremely simple and easy to use, with an uncluttered user interface and elegant design.  First, an organization issues badges to their interpreters, who then download the Virtual Badge app as a free download from the Android or Apple Store.  Once they have logged in, interpreters have an ID badge on their smartphone and will see a list of required documentation that they can complete.  When an interpreter finishes a job, stakeholders can see all associated documentation as well as be able to view analytics related to time tracking, job statistics, and more.

Currently, ACCI is focusing its efforts in the London area, a center of translation services throughout the world, but will expand to the rest of the UK.

About Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge is the first ID badge capable of recording information and is developed by Florida-based, American company.  The Virtual Badge app is currently the company’s main project.