I’m a founder and a CEO of the ACCI Association of Certified Interpreters. Bilingual, I’ve been working in the industry since 1998 when I set up my first teaching and translation business; I’ve been in the UK nearly 15 years now, where I qualified with a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting in Law and the MetTest. I’m also a passionate UK qualified accountant specialising in taxation, helping small startup businesses and freelancers. Continuously seeking improvement, I am studying Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership with Chartered Management Institute alongside an MBA from Solent University in Southampton. Outside of business, I do a lot of voluntary work supporting local community as a member of a management team for EU Welcome and a vice-chair of the advisory group to the Police.

Dr Andrea Denby PhD ACCI DPSI – Chair of the CPD Committee 

I am the chair of the ACCI CPD Committee. I have been interpreting and translating in a professional quality since 2002. I passed my Home office assessment in 2003 and completed my DPSI with legal specialisation in 2007. I used a lot of my own translations for my PhD which I completed at the University College London in 2006. I did an English law degree at the University of Westminster. Recently I have been doing medical CPD with eCPD webinars and legal CPD courses with Oplex. I teach DPSI law and occasionally assess.Currently, I do not examine DPSIs because I teach. I like to do a thorough and conscientious job when I translate, interpret, proofread or teach and generally like to learn.

Roberto Ebani ACCI DPSI – Chair of the Professional Standards Committee

I have native fluency in Portuguese and Italian as well as full proficiency in English and have worked as a linguist in a variety of settings for over 17 years.
I have been awarded with a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI – Law) with the Chartered Institute of Linguist, as well as a Diploma in Police Interpreting (DPI) with the same chartered institute. I have also held a position as professor and tutor of Italian Language and Culture at the “Pontificia Universidade Católica” in Brazil. I strive to ensure effective and efficient communication across languages and have provided my skills as a linguist to diplomats, business people both in the public and private sectors.
My interpersonal skills, years of work experience, ethic and expert interpreting and translation skills position me as an ideal candidate for the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee. I would strive to raise the profile of the professionalism of the ACCI’s members and to ensure that all its governance procedures conform to current best practice.

George Dimitrov MA ACCI DPSI – Chair of the Interpreters’ Voice Magazine Committee

I’ve been working as a UK interpreter for almost five years. In the meantime I attended more than a hundred medical and consultant appointments, psychotherapy, court and other sessions, police and other social services. Been also a psychologist with more than ten years’ professional experience (last few in the UK) I prepared more than ten articles and they were published into a few magazines.

Lidia Simpson ACCI DPSI – Member of the Council

I came to England in 1998. I completed DPSI in 2012. I specialise in English Law. I have Masters Degree in Russian and Ukrainian languages. I have been interpreting for few years which I really enjoy. I teach English at Adult Learning Department of Northamptonshire County Council. I am delighted to share my experience and expertise as a member of the Council.

Iulia Alina Lamboiu BSc ACCI DPSI – Interpreters’ Voice Magazine Committee Member

After graduating from my Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature / French Language and Literature, I continued with a two-year Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

I am also a qualified Translator and Interpreter for English and French languages.

Dr Azad Hams PhD ACCI DPSI – Member of the Council

I am on national register for public service interpreters since 2002 and I have plenty of interpreting and translation experiences in the court rooms, police stations and public service offices across the U.K. . I hold PhD and was professor for 7 years at Iraqi universities after I returned back there in 2005. And now I have. Been back since 2014 and working again as an interpreter

The ACCI is looking to appoint Council and Committee Members.
These are honorary officers who will meet (on-line and or in person) 4 times per year. The Council helps to implement the ACCI’s aims and objectives. The Council consist of committees who are delegated important responsibilities such us membership applications, Interpreters’ Voice Magazine and disciplinary procedures.

These roles are initially voluntary and unpaid positions but the ACCI would like some of these roles to become permanent and paid positions in the future. The ACCI is a modern organisation and it has developed online collaboration tools to bring its members together.

The ACCI welcomes your applications. All applications must be submitted in writing via an online form below. Members can vote via the ACCI decision making platform.