A new partnership is promising to raise standards for interpreters used by companies and public sector organisations across the globe.

The International School of Linguists (ISL), based in Leeds, has announced a formal partnership with the Association of Certified Interpreters (ACCI), a global organisation providing skilled interpreters.

The partnership aims to improve the quality and skill levels for interpreters using ISL’s recognised course base for all ACCI members. Both organisations hope that this will give a better service to users of interpreting services such as the UK National Health System (NHS), the police and large financial firms who work across borders, but that it should also lead to better pay and conditions for interpreters who sign up.

lSL students will receive a reduced membership fee with ACCI in their first year. In exchange, ISL will provided quality CPD training workshops to ACCI members at a reduced rate.

Speaking about the new partnership, ISL Chief Executive Ilan Gould said:

“ACCI is a fantastic partner and we share a commitment not only to delivering the best for our industry but also for a strong, supportive union of interpreters who are often the unsung heroes; smoothing the way in global trade and assisting in the delivery of vital public services such as theNHS. Interpreters even help support troops and make combat zones safer for armed forces personnel and civilians.

“A commitment to further professional development across the industry is essential to deliver for future needs; equipping interpreters themselves with a wider array of knowledge so they can focus their talents in an increasingly complex market and meeting the needs of highly specialist organisations and industries. We want to make sure we’re positioned with the right skills for the future and together, ISL and ACCI are meeting those challenges.”

Pawel Janicki, a founder and the CEO of the ACCI said:

“I trust ISL will provide opportunities for CPD for our members and we have made Continuing Professional Development a requirement for all certified interpreters. Language interpreting is a profession which requires robust qualifications and commitment to professional standards and CPD. The ACCI’s vision is to unite language interpreters. By delivering our outcomes on behalf of our members we aim to lead the profession in high standards, quality and innovation. Our mission is to make the ACCI essential for professional interpreters, businesses and organisations and to be at the heart of leading the change in the profession.”

“Language interpreters help to deliver frontline public services and they need the support and appropriate level of remuneration to guarantee public safety. Interpreters bridge the cultural and language gap and help with building community cohesion for harmonious communication between service users and limited English speakers.”

“The ACCI and ISL partnership is the correct step towards this and we are looking to make more quality partnerships and to involve all stakeholders in the future to help achieve these goals.”