ACCI Disciplinary Procedures

Members and students come within the jurisdiction of the ACCI’s disciplinary procedures.

1. The ACCI Rulebook is binding on all members.
2. Any allegation of professional misconduct of an ACCI member will be dealt with per this procedure.
3. The matter can be referred to the disciplinary panel or can rest on the member’s file for matters which are not serious.
4. The Disciplinary Panel and the Appeal Panel consist of a minimum of 3 members. The hearings are confidential and they are heard in private. l to Pane so it says Panel
5. The panel can reach the following outcomes: complaint can be dismissed, upheld or upheld in part and the member can be reprimanded, admonished, excluded from membership, pay a fine not exceeding £20.000 or pay compensation to the complainant not exceeding £5.000.
6. The member has 14 days to appeal following an order of the Disciplinary Panel. If permission is granted, the Appeal Panel will consider the appeal which can affirm, vary or rescind any order of the Disciplinary Panel.
7. The Disciplinary Panel and the Appeal Panel can order the member to pay costs to the ACCI.