Providing you with tools necessary to succeed, members benefit from a dedicated customer relationship management platform to easier manage their businesses. With an advanced video solution, they can offer an on-demand service to more customers. And with each member having a dedicated profile page, they are sure to attract the right calibre of jobs.

We’ve identified seven vital objectives to focus on when creating the association dedicated exclusively to interpreters and their clients.

Recognition through becoming chartered

Offering each member tools to enable them to easier manage their business.

To provide a register of qualified and certified interpreters upholding the highest industry standards.

To support interpreters with trade union membership.

To offer interpreting qualifications relevant to the needs of the private and public sectors.

To enable members to offer their service independently from outsourcing companies.

Safeguarding the standards and code of conduct to provide a secure alternative for organisations and businesses to benefit from competitive prices offered by our members. With our dedicated call centre run by interpreters the clients are sure to get the best value.

Following from your feedback we would be grateful for your support in our pledge to become chartered interepreters. I’ve created a petition to help us provide evidence this is absolutely the right step for our profession. We need as many supporters as possible so feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues and clients.